• Historical well and equipment analysis

  • Continuous improvement through limiter identification and redesign

  • Drilling best practices

  • Directional drilling trajectory optimization

  • Post well analysis

Complete Shale’s engineers have over 60 combined years of experience in directional drilling and MWD, on-site drilling advisory, and real-time operations center management. They specialize in improving on bottom drilling operations, reducing bit trips, and avoiding stuck pipe. Additionally, all our engineers have extensive experience working on multidisciplinary teams and can help you implement workflows to integrate different disciplines to optimization operations.

We can help your team implement the Limiter Redesign framework by providing historical well analysis, limiter identification, and redesign action plans. We are ready to help you implement this workflow; give us a call today!

Our Approach

Limiter Identification and Redesign

  • Physics-based historical well analysis
  • Recommendations and technical limit observations including concise action plan
  • Real time objective decision collaboration
  • Post well and root cause analyses

Drilling Best Practices

  • Torque and drag modeling and roadmapping
  • Hydraulics and ECD calculations
  • Equipment and vendor selection
  • KPI establishment

Integrated Strategy for Drilling, Geosteering, and Directional

  • Communication protocols
  • Use of target lines and windows
  • Sliding strategy and swim lane