• Pre-job planning and post-job analysis

  • On-site advisory

  • Real-time parameter monitoring

  • Preventing stuck pipe

  • Hole cleaning and trip out of hole best practices

  • Industry leading debris tracking

Complete Shale has pioneered the application of decades-worth of drilling fundamentals to coiled tubing and workover rig operations to improve performance and reduce stuck pipe events. We are industry-leading in our planning and execution and can help with everything from vendor selection to on-site supervision to post-job analysis.

Our Approach

Data Collection

By ensuring all available on-site data is collected and recorded, we can give you greater insights into your operation.

Tubing Force Model

Pre-job modeling of tubing forces is performed with real-time calibrations applied during operations. This combination allows for identification of leading indicators for potential stuck pipe events before they happen.

Hole Cleaning

Physics-based models are applied to fluid rheology and flowrate recommendations, to ensure plug debris and sand is circulated out of the casing and to prevent stuck pipe.

Proprietary Modeling

Complete Shale has developed its own application to model coiled tubing drillouts of frac plugs for both pre-planning and real-time operational optimization purposes.